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Manufacturing Factory Stone Slabs

In the heart of Kabul city’s industrial parks, Gharany Group’s manufacturing factory stands tall as an enduring cornerstone of Afghanistan’s craftsmanship and luxury. Established with a visionary investment, the factory has become a symbol of excellence, specializing in the production of lapis lazuli, Onyx, Marble, and Jade Stone.

Gharany Group of Companies’ manufacturing factory is a pioneer, being the largest and most renowned facility dedicated to crafting exquisite items such as Semi-Precious Stone Slab, Nobel Decorative Items. With a meticulous production process, the factory offers a wide array of half-priced creations, tailored for adorning palaces, dream houses, official offices, embassies, and more.

Decorative Item Factory

Gharany Decorative Item Factory stands as a prominent manufacturer of decorative items in Afghanistan, commencing its operations in Kabul city in 2023. The core mission of this factory is to revive Afghanistan’s traditional handicrafts and provide support to the talented artists and artisans of the country.

Utilizing precious and semi-precious stones, as well as wool and Afghan fabrics, Gharany Decorative Item Factory crafts exquisite and distinctive products. These encompass home and office decorative items, along with other ornamental utensils and accessories.

The factory’s personnel comprise skilled and experienced artists and craftsmen who approach their work with love and passion. Leveraging their skills and expertise, these individuals produce products that stand out on a global scale in terms of beauty, quality, and elegance.

Gharany Decorative Item Factory not only achieves success as a manufacturer but also serves as a cultural ambassador for Afghanistan. By creating beautiful and high-quality products, the factory actively contributes to introducing the rich cultural heritage of Afghanistan to the world.

Carpet Weaving Factory

Stands as one of the most reputable and largest carpet weaving establishments in Afghanistan, distinguished by its wealth of experience and expertise, making it an exemplary entity in the carpet weaving industry. Established in the heart of Kabul city in 2023, this factory has swiftly carved out a distinctive position in the Afghan carpet weaving landscape.

The factory owes its success to the seasoned and skilled personnel, numbering around 50, who form the backbone of its operations in the field of carpet weaving. Leveraging professional processes, this workforce has been instrumental in producing a wide array of carpets featuring special designs and colors.

Comprising skilled individuals and experts in carpet weaving, carpet design, color selection, and carpet thread, the factory’s personnel operate meticulously and professionally across various production stages, including color and thread selection, weaving, shearing, and washing. The coordinated efforts of this team are crucial and have significantly contributed to the creation of uniquely high-quality products by the factory.

Luxury Furniture Factory

In the vibrant industrial symphony of Kabul, one establishment rises above the rest, a testament to discerning vision– the Gharany Luxury Manufacturing Factory. This monolith of craftsmanship stands not merely as a production facility, but as a cultural icon, the sole and unparalleled conductor of luxury within the borders of Afghanistan.

Its existence signifies a bold investment, a strategic stroke of genius by Gharany Luxury, woven into the very fabric of the nation’s economic tapestry. Within its walls, tradition and innovation coalesce, birthing exquisite creations that resonate with the discerning souls who seek the extraordinary.

In the hallowed halls of the wood workshop, the rugged beauty of Nuristani walnut yields to the meticulous caress of master craftsmen, emerging as grand dining tables and intricately inlaid Shekar chi chests. Metal, whispering its secrets through the fiery breath of the forge, transforms into shimmering lamps and delicate wall hangings, each piece a contemporary ode to timeless techniques.

This symphony of opulence extends beyond mere furniture and décor. Gharany Luxury paints every brushstroke of interior design with the vibrant hues of Afghan artistry. Handblown glass bottles, capturing the desert sun’s essence, become vessels of dreams and whispered stories.

Handicraft Factory

A repository of Afghan art and culture commenced its operations in the heart of Kabul city in 2023 with the noble objective of revitalizing Afghanistan’s traditional handicrafts and providing support to the talented artists and artisans of the nation. Within this factory, precious and semi-precious stones, along with wool and Afghan fabrics, are skillfully utilized to craft exquisite and distinctive products. The factory’s workforce comprises skilled and experienced artists and craftsmen who execute their work with love and passion.

The diverse array of products emanating from Gharany Handicraft Factory includes, but is not limited

  • Jewelry and stone ornaments
  • Rugs and decorative fabrics
  • Decorative utensils and accessories

These products, crafted with precision and elegance using the finest raw materials, serve as a testament to the beauty and grandeur of Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Enthusiasts of Afghan handicrafts can explore the Gharany Handicraft Factory website to witness the diverse range of products, immersing themselves in the beauty and splendor that epitomize Afghanistan’s rich cultural tapestry.


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